Are you tired of finding the best stabilizer for your LED TV? Most likely, you are, and that is totally natural as finding a decent stabilizer could be an elusive task.

Whether you are struggling with fluctuating voltage or simply want an extra layer of protection for your brand new TV, in either case, you need a Stabilizer to accomplish your goal, that is to get a stagnated voltage output. In many cases, people are not accustomed with stuff such as Stabilizer and they most likely end up picking the wrong one.
But fear not as this guide will help you get a good stabilizer for your LED TV. Before we get into the business, let us understand why we need a stabilizer in the first place and what it takes to get the best voltage stabilizer for your LED / smart TV.

Why use a stabilizer?

Finding the best stabiliser for LCD Tv in India? Why not understand some basics first. A stabilizer, as the name suggests, stabilises the voltage output. That is to say, it outputs a stagnated voltage which is apt for our appliances.

Voltage fluctuations are prevalent across all countries and it is predominantly caused due to bad wiring, overloading, bad earthing or it might be due to conflation of the two or more said causes.
So what if we don’t use a stabilizer? Well, if you are living in a place where voltage fluctuations are very rare then you might skip buying one for yourself, but if you are living in a place where these annoying fluctuations happen frequently then having a good stabilizer is a must for you. Still, excited to know which is the best stabilizer for LCD TV in India? Read on.

What Makes a Stabilizer Good?

Now let us see what factors you should consider while buying a stabiliser. First and foremost, the brand. Always go with the reputed brands and ignore the cheaper and more value-for-money looking alternatives. Second, the Voltage Range. Before buying the stabilizer you must ascertain your apt voltage range. Third, the capacity (usually in KVs) and last but not least the winding of the transformer (copper or aluminium), copper is always preferred as it is more efficient and stays relatively cooler on high loads, but it is also a bit more expensive than its counterpart (aluminium).

So this is essentially what goes into choosing the best voltage stabilizer for LED TVs. Depending upon your need, you can pick the right one by adjusting the said parameters.

Now let’s have a look at some of the best stabilisers for LCD/LED TVs in India.

List of Best Voltage Stabilizer for LED TV

Now without wasting any more seconds, let us see some of the best stabilisers for LED TV that you can get right now.

1 – V Guard  TV Stabilizer Crystal Plus Smart (3Ampier) for LED/3D/Smart TV

Looking for the best stabilizer for LED TV up to 43 inches? Because this is exactly what you need to buy right now. This V Guard stabilizer has a voltage range of 90-270 Volts. It also sports a sophisticated safety mechanism that ensures the safety of your device. This V Guard stabilizer for LED TV is priced at just over 3000 rupees(may change in the future). The overall reviews that have been attributed to this stabilizer are excellent too therefore it easily becomes one of the best stabilizers for LED TV in India. If you feel like giving it a shot, then definitely go for it as it is worth the price, and the features on offer easily catch up with those of stabilizers at higher prices. So for sure, a value-for-money deal.

Let us now have a look at some of the pros and cons of this stabilizer:


  • Wide voltage range
  • Good quality internal components
  • Reliable brand
  • Best to use with TVs
  • Reasonably priced


  • Power capacity is on a bit lower side

2 – Monitor Voltage Stabilizer For LED TV Upto 65 Inches

The next entry to the list is of this stabiliser coming from Monitor Brand. This is a perfect option for you if you are in search of the best stabilizer for LED tv upto 55 inches. This Monitor Voltage stabiliser comes with a voltage range of 140 to 290 volts, which is quite impressive. It also has 100% copper windings, which means it will be super efficient. And lastly, you get a 5-year warranty on it, which is cherry on the top. All in all, this is one of the best stabilisers for LED TV. Apart from whatever said above, you also get safety from all sorts of unwanted events that could harm your TV, like Spikes, surges etc. 

Now let’s divert our attention to its pros and cons:


  • 5-year warranty
  • Copper winding
  • 140-290 V range
  • Value for money


  • Low power capacity

3 – V-Guard Crystal Plus Supreme TV Voltage Stabilizer

This V-Guard Crystal Plus Supreme TV Voltage Stabilizer is one of the best V-Guard stabilizers for led tv as of this moment. If you are searching for the best stabiliser for LED TV this might be it. Starting with the voltage range, it comes with an impressive range of 90 to 290 V, hence it is better for those people who are living in the areas where voltage fluctuates at steep levels. Moreover, this V Guard stabilizer for LED TV with 43 inches screen also has a built in thermal overload protection which will prevent your important device from burning due to high temperatures.  It also has a high and low voltage-cutoff system which will protect your device from abrupt surges. So overall, this is a highly recommended stabiliser which stands well on almost all grounds and is one of the best voltage stabilizers for 40 inch LED tv. We hope you might like this particular stabiliser as it covers almost all ranges of TVs with the said screen size. This will ensure a durable life for your TV and will prevent it from unexpected surges. 

Here are the cons and pros of this stabiliser:


  • 90 to 290 V range
  • 3 Amp current limit
  • Good implementation of protection mechanism


4 – V-Guard Mini Crystal Voltage Stabilizer

Still there? Excellent. Next up is another one from V Guard. This Mini Crystal Voltage stabilizer is extremely compact and good looking stabiliser. If you are searching for the best stabilizer for LED TV of 32 inch then this might be the best contender. Starting off with the range, it comes with an impressive range of 90 to 290 V, good enough for areas with steeper fluctuations. Its compact and convenient design makes installation super easy.  You get a capacity of 1.3 Amps along with a 3-year V Guard warranty. So this might be the best stabilizer for led tv in India at a very reasonable price. If you are still uncertain as to which stabiliser you should choose then hang up and have a glimpse at the upcoming ones.

Now let’s come to the pros and cons to sum up everything that we talked about this stabilizer:


  • 1.3 Amps capacity
  • 240 V output
  • 3-year warranty
  • Best for LED/LCD with 32 inch screen size
  • Reasonable cost
  • High voltage cutoff
  • Built-in thermal overload protection


  • Winding is not known

5 – V-Guard Voltino Max TV Voltage Stabilizer

Searching for the best stabilizer for 55 inch led tv? Your search ends here. It is very rare that we find a product that stands well on all fronts and that too at a reasonable price. This is one of them. This Voltino Max TV stabiliser is an ultimate LED TV voltage stabiliser. Coming straight  to the features, it offers an impressive range of 90 to 290 V with the capacity of 3 Amps. This stabiliser, just like the other ones, comes with a built-in safety mechanism which ensures the safety of your fragile equipment from all electrical threats. You can definitely go for this if you are facing electrical surges and want to get rid of those quickly. Now let’s discuss the pros and cons of this stabiliser:


  • Voltage range of 90-290 V
  • Built-in safety mechanism
  • Suited for 55 inch TVs
  • Good load capacity


  • Unknown winding

6 – V-Guard Crystal 100 Prime for TV Voltage Stabilizer

Here is one of the best V Guard stabilizers for a 43 inches LED TV you might like. Starting with the range, it comes with an eye-catching range of  90 to 290 V. The power capacity it sports is 3 Amps which is quite good. Everything comes bundled with a 3-year warranty. The output range is quite impressive and the stabilizer is fully equipped with all essential safety features that you might expect from a stabilizer. This V guard stabilizer for tv price listed as of today is Rs 3540, which is on a bit higher side.  Here are the pros and cons of this V-Guard Crystal 100 Prime stabilizer:


  • Voltage range 90 to 290 V
  • Capacity 3 Amps
  • Can accommodate multiple devices
  • Equipped with all safety features
  • LED display for a better interface


  • Winding is not known
  • Slightly overpriced.

7 – V-Guard Digi 200 Supreme TV Voltage Stabilizer

And last but not least, the Digi 200 Supreme TV Voltage stabiliser is meant for TVs with bigger screen size and higher power consumption. So if you are searching for the best stabilizer for a LED tv 49 inch screen this might be it. This particular stabiliser can support TVs with screen size as high as 70 inch. The voltage range on this stabiliser is 140-295 V, which is a little bit narrow as compared to the other ones that we have discussed. Also, the power capacity it sports is an impressive 6 Amps. Clearly, this stabiliser is meant for those people who don’t face drastic levels of voltage fluctuations. This stabiliser comes equipped with all essential safety features. As of now you can get this V-Guard Digi 200 Supreme TV Voltage Stabilizer at a price of around Rs 4800 so definitely go and check it out.

And now here are the pros and cons of this stabiliser:


  • Voltage range 140-295 V
  • High capacity
  • IC Technology design
  • Can be used with multiple devices


  • Voltage range is a bit on the narrower side
  • Slightly overpriced


Whether you are facing voltage surges or not, a stabiliser will also prove to be beneficial in protecting your fragile appliances from abrupt voltage surges. Which stabiliser is adequate to your need abundantly depends on your requirements, which are always varying. The stabilisers featured in the list are some of the best stabilisers for LED TVs. Using one will definitely impact your experience in a positive way as you will always be secured from all sorts of unwanted voltage surges.


Is stabilizer required for led tv?

That has two answers make sure you read both:

Yes, if you are facing too many voltage surges. Voltage surges are the cause of bad wiring, overloading or bad earthing and they occur unexpectedly so the appliances we use at our homes become prone to electrical damages. If you don’t want that to happen then you must consider buying a stabiliser.

No, if you get a steady voltage and rarely face these annoying surges. Still getting one for your TV won’t be considered as a bad decision as these stabilisers come at a reasonable cost to protect you expensive appliances. So in this case, call is entirely yours.

How to choose stabilizer for led tv?

This question has too many varying answers. Getting the perfect stabilizer as per your need totally depends on how steep the surges are, the capacity of the appliance and last but not least, the money you are willing to spend. Generally, you can get a decent stabilizer without breaking the bank. You just need to make sure that the one you have decided to buy should be adequate to your needs. To know more about the factors that count in while choosing a stabilizer please go through the blog. We have already covered that in a very rudimentary way so definitely go check out.