About techFriez

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techFriez took birth in the month of September when Ashish & Anshul were having the discussion to create a product that can help users in buying the best product for them.


So the problem was…selecting the right product for the users. It gets very difficult & frustrating to buy any product online if you don’t have much knowledge of that product. And having the knowledge of every product is simply not possible, I mean researching, comparing then researching then after asking your friends and relatives whether to buy that product or not is a very tedious task.


So, Ashish & Anshul decided that they will create a platform where they’ll use their technical expertise and help the users in buying the relevant and the best product for them.

Little About Their Background

Ashish Garg and Anshul Sasan, both are engineers i.e B.Tech graduates from Computer Science. They met each other during the first year of college in their classroom.

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