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In today’s build guide we will see how you can have the best pc build under 50000 rs. If you have seen the current price trends you must be aware that the pricing of the PC components is considerably lower than what it used to be 3-4 months back. 

So why not take this opportunity and build the best gaming PC under 50000 rs in India and accompany your friends in the latest multiplayer FPS shooter game? To do so you have to have a PC that can drive all the latest games. Without any further ado let’s see what things you are to need to make the best gaming PC under 50000 rs in India.

Components For Best Gaming PC Build Under 50000

Here we shall see what could be the optimum gaming pc configuration under 50000 which can suffice all the needs that all modern games want these days. Here you must note that we are not targeting the minimum requirements rather we are focusing on the recommended requirements. By doing that we are future-proofing our PC. Given below is the best gaming pc configuration under 50000 that you can have right now to play all modern games without breaking the bank.

 AMD Ryzen 5 3500 Desktop Processor:

best amd gaming cpu

Needless to say, at this price we can not skip the Ryzen 5. This will help achieve our goal of making the Best Ryzen Gaming PC Build under ₹ 50,000. At this price point, Ryzen 5 3500 is the ultimate choice. It has a good price-to-performance ratio and packs some serious power in it. Here are features of Ryzen 5 3500:

  • It has 6 cores
  • The base core clock is 4.1 GHz
  • It has got a 19 MB cache, enough for providing an overall snappy experience
  • Supports overclocking out of the box
  • Based on the AM4 socket

In the box, you will get an included heat skink which is enough for this build. With this, you will also get a warranty for 3 years. Remember this CPU does not have built-in graphics, which means you need to pair it with a discrete graphics card.

ASUS Prime B450M-A Motherboard 

ASUS Prime B450M-A Motherboard


This is one of the best motherboards that you can have right now. It comes at a very attractive price with all the bells and whistles. For this build, this is going to be the best companion for our Ryzen 5 3500. Here are some features of ASUS Prime B450M-A:

  • It an mATX motherboard with an Aura Sync RGB header
  • Support for m.2 drives is available
  • RAM support up to 64 GB
  • Supports USB 3.1 gen 2
  • Maximum 3 SATA slots

Altogether, this motherboard will cost you less without compromising on the features. So with this, we are now one step closer to building the Best Gaming PC build under 50000 in India.

HyperX Fury 3200 MHz 16GB RAM

HyperX Fury 3200 MHz 16GB RAM

For the memory part, we will be using HyperX Fury. We all know how well known this brand is. In this particular case, we will be using two 8 gigs sticks. In total, we will have 16 GB memory, each with a speed of 3200 MHz. Note that it is important to use two 8 GB sticks over a single 16GB stick as this helps us achieve the dual-channel configuration, thus makes the best gaming pc build under 50000.

Crucial BX500 480GB SSD

Crucial BX500 480GB SSD  

In 2020 it is very essential to have an SSD in your computer as it is 300% faster than the traditional HDD. Keeping this fact in our mind, we are using an awesome SSD coming straight from the brand of Crucial. Here are some features of the same:

  • Capacity: 480 GB
  • 2.5” form factor
  • Sequential 128KB Read and Write speeds up to 540MB/s and 500MB/s respectively (claimed by the company)

Video Card – Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super 6GB

Video Card - Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super 6GB

Now comes the most crucial part of a gaming PC, the graphics card. And here we must not get cheap. For any gaming PC, its graphics card is the most essential part. In this build, we are opting for the GTX 1660 Super 6 GB variant. This is a very popular card and the budget we are on, it fits perfectly. Performance-wise we do not need to worry as 1660 super is very well known for its beefy performance. Have a glance at the features:

  • VRAM – 6 GB
  • 1 HDMI port, 3 Display ports
  • Intuitive control with Auros engine
  • Dual fan design

Overall, this card is going to be perfect for this build and it can drive all modern and classic hits in high settings.

PSU – Antec VP550P

PSU - Antec VP550P

This PC, on maximum load, can go as high as 400 watts. That means even on the maximum load you will still have a lot of juice left since we are using here a 550 watts power supply. Here are some top features of this PSU

  • 80 plus certified
  • Silent 120MM fan
  • Thermal manager
  • Cables with sleeves

Cabinet – Antec NX 310 Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet

Cabinet - Antec NX 310 Mid Tower Gaming Cabinet

A cabinet is where all the components are housed so it must be a strong and sturdy one. And for this reason, we are going with this cool-and-modern-looking gaming chassis, coming from the brand of Antec. Aesthetically, this cabinet is superb. Here are some of the top features:

  • 1x120mm ARGB Fan
  • 1x USB 3.0 and 2x USB 2.0 ports
  • PSU Shroud is available
  • Good space for cable management
  • Good build quality
  • Built-in support for RGB
  • Transparent side panel

So there you have it, we have shown you how you can have the Best Gaming PC build under 50000 in India. Most of the heavy lifting tasks we have already done for you now all you need to do is go to the links we have given above and order all the components and get them assembled. The best gaming PC under 50000 in India is now only a few steps away.

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1 – What features should be included in a good gaming pc under 50000?

You should have a good graphics card, but also a decent processor and RAM. If you want to build your own PC, you’ll need the motherboard, CPU and memory, but if you want to buy a pre-built one, I’d suggest going for the graphics card first.

2 – Are there any hidden costs? If so, how much should I expect to pay for a good gaming pc under 50000?

The graphics card will be the most expensive part, but if you’re buying a pre-built one then it should come with all the other parts. The rest of the components can be bought separately, so they won’t add much to your budget.